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WHAT DOES THE DRIVETRAIN DO?  Our vehicle's drivetrain connects the engine to the wheels which makes the vehicle to move. As our vehicles engine is running, the drivetrain helps send power through the transmission to the drive wheels. The drive wheels can be either the front wheels, rear wheels or all the wheels. They also may be referred to as front-wheel, rear-wheel and all-wheel drive.  HOW CAN I TELL WHICH TYPE OF DRIVETRAIN MY VEHICLE HAS?  As easy as this sounds you may look in your owner's manual and it should have it stated in there. If you are not able to find it in the manual, here is another way to find out. If the engine is mounted sideways this means the belts will also face sideways. If the belts face one side of the vehicle or the other, it is probably front-wheel drive. If the engine is mounted front-to-back with the belts facing you as you stand in front of the vehicle it is likely rear-wheel drive.  PARTS OF THE DRIV ... read more


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