Why does my car squeak when I turn?


A squeaking sound coming from any vehicle can be quite alarming. The squeaking can be caused by several things such as the vehicle's belts, power steering, suspension, wheel bearings or even the brakes. 

Brake Issues: When brake components are nearing the end of their lifespan or are misaligned can produce a squeaking noise. When turning the brake pads or rotors be interacting differently with the wheels which may cause a squeaking noise. 

Tire Issues: Uneven wear, low tire pressure, or tires that are old can cause a squeak when the tires interact with the roads during turns. 

Suspension Components: Worn or out improperly lubricated suspension components like control arms, ball joints or bushing can create a squeaking sound when they move when the vehicle is turning. When the vehicle is turning the car's weight shifts and causes stress and friction on the suspension components. 

Power Steering Issues: If your vehicle is equipped with a hydraulic power steering, a squeak can be caused from issues with the power steering pump or the steering rack. When the steering components move and there is an insufficient fluid level or air bubbles in the system, it can cause noises. 

Worn Out or Loose Belts: When a belt becomes worn out or loose, it can cause squeaking. When the belt slips or loses tension, it can create a squealing noise especially when the belt goes under a load when the vehicle is turning. 

It is important to address a squeaking sooner than later, if it is ignored, it can cause larger issues down the road. Call us today to have a qualified mechanic inspect your vehicle. 



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