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As we all know it can be terrifying when a light comes on the dashboard of a vehicle. The most common lights that illuminate are the check engine, engine temperature light, tire pressure, oil pressure, and the battery alert.  When one of these illuminates it’s normally never a good sign and could mean an expensive repair.  However, it could also be something as simple as just routine maintenance for your vehicle. Watch for theses common dashboard lights and understand what they could mean about your vehicle. We will start with discussing the check engine light (which every vehicle has). The check engine light itself may not all look the same in each vehicle, but the meaning behind them is all the same. Everyone always dreads their check engine coming on, which is understandable. Although it could be a simple fix such as a gas cap not on properly it could also be something more expensive such as catalytic converter failing. Our ASE certified technicians are able to run extensi ... read more