If your car's air conditioning is on the fritz, it can be hard to decide which shop to take it into. A simple Google search will show you more auto repair shops than you can shake a stick at. How do you really know who you can trust? A good air conditioning repair can be hard to find, that's because most air conditioning repair is hard to diagnose. Unlike other parts of your vehicle there are no “check air conditioning” light or some computer module that can tell you exactly how it is performing. So that leaves two options, the guess and check method or using sophisticated and expensive machines, such as an automated recovery and refill unit with a leak detection system. The good news is Bob's Main Street Auto uses such machines. The alternative is what many other shops do, and that is to make the best guess as to where the problem might be, fix or replace the component and see if they got it right. If they guessed right the first time, your bill might be low. If it took a ... read more


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Winter is finally over! However now we are stuck with all of the damage that was done to the roads. Depending on where you live it could be like trying to drive through a minefield to avoid all of the holes in the road, alas we all eventually hit one. This can cause your alignment to get jarred out of place. Even the tiniest alignment issue can cause uneven wear on your tires and decreased fuel economy. So how do you know if your alignment needs adjusting? Unfortunately there is no light on the dash to indicate any problems. However, it's not that difficult to tell if there is a problem. Just use your eyes ears and hands. If you notice uneven tire wear this could be a sign that your alignment needs to be adjusted. Ideally your tires should all wear at about the same rate, if you notice that the tread isn't wearing evenly across the tires, take your vehicle in and ask if you could use an alignment. If your vehicle pulls left or right when driving straight. This is a dead giveaway that y ... read more




As the old saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. However before we can ever get to that beauty we need to first get through all of the rain. Most of us take our windshield wipers for granted, but when they fail we really notice how important they truly are. So here are some top reasons why your windshield wipers may not be working like they once did. Your wiper blade may be torn or chipped.If your wiper blades get nicked or cracked they may not be making proper contact with your windshield. This can lead to streaks or poor visibility. In severe cases the cracks in your wiper blades can trap debris or dirt and actually scratch your windshield. The windshield wiper fuse is burnt out.When the windshield wiper motor is overloaded the fuse will burn out. Heavy snow or the wiper blade arm being caught on something will cause the wipers to work extra hard and the fuse can burn out. Simply replace the fuse, clear any obstructions that may be in the wa ... read more


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