Purchase a new vehicle lately? The times are changing once again. Oil changes are becoming a less frequent task with newer cars. Did your dealer suggest every 10,000 miles or just once a year? Think again. Although your car could possibly last that long without an oil change, why take the chance? For these newer cars with such infrequent oil change recommendations, we still suggest getting your oil changed every 5,000-7,500 miles. Why? Think of oil in your vehicle like your body and water. Our bodies are 60% water. There's always H2O streaming through us. Yes, we can go a few days without it, but it is still important to replenish ourselves and stay hydrated since we lose that water in different ways. However, the longer we go without water, the more our body starts to shut down and not cooperate. The same goes with our vehicles. Oil is constantly pumping throughout the vehicle and its engine. Our job, as the user, is to maintain the oil so that it's always clean and at the level it needs to be. Yes, the vehicle could last months on end without changing the oil, but in the meantime the oil is getting more and more dirty, sludge-like, and building up particles. The more dirty the oil gets, the worse it is for the vehicle. And just like water in us, oil levels can also deplete. Therefore, getting the routine oil changes more frequently than that year mark will help the vehicle so that it not only runs properly, but also doesn't cause other parts of your vehicle to get damaged.

Now the next big question; what kind of oil should be used in my vehicle? The owner's manual for your car will state which oil is best for your vehicle. In addition, driving in extreme weather or towing heavy weight behind your vehicle can also play a factor what type of oil should be used.

As the owner of a vehicle it is our job to maintain the oil. Therefore, the oil should always be clean and at the adequate level your vehicle needs. Like stated before, the vehicle could last months without being changed, but that does not mean that the oil is clean and allowing your vehicle to run properly. Over time, oil breaks down, becomes dirty, and builds up particles. The worst it gets, the worse it is for the vehicle. Routine oil changes are a BIG deal for the health of a vehicle; call your local shop today!


Oil Change