What is a warranty?

What is a warranty? 

A warranty is a vehicle service contract that states items the provider agrees to repair or replace due to defects in your vehicle. Bob's Main Street Auto & Towing does offer an aftermarket warranty known as the Alpha Warranty Services. They have three ways you can go about having warranty on your vehicle. They have an A+ Enhanced Coverage, A+ Coverage, and an A La Car package. 

A+ Enhanced Coverage

The A+ Enhanced coverage package covers things from engine repairs to suspension components. The engine portion covers all internal lubricated parts including but not limited to: balance shaft bearing, balance shaft bushing, balance shaft, oil pump housing, and timing components. The engine block, cylinder heads, valve covers, timing cover, and oil pan are only covered if damaged by internally lubricated parts stated in the contract. The Transmission & Transfer case portion cover all internally lubricated parts of the manual or automatic transmission and transfer case. Including but not limited to the oil pump, drive chain, torque converter, bell housing, and many more components. The transmission case however is not covered under this warranty. The drive axle portion covers internally lubricated parts of the differential (front and rear). You also will have coverage on the air conditioning system, cooling system, electrical, fuel system, turbos, steering, seals and gaskets, brakes, and suspension. Then you also get enhanced coverage on the seals and gaskets, cooling, fuel system, and suspension. 

A+ Coverage

The A+ Coverage package covers everything listed above except the enhanced coverages listed at the bottom of the section above regarding the seals and gaskets, cooling, fuel system, and suspension. Both Alpha Warranty A+ coverage packages can be used anywhere in the United States or Canada. 

A La Car Coverage

A La Car Coverages are coverages on certain components you are looking to have covered. Ask our service advisors to assist you with what coverages should be on your vehicle. 

The Alpha Warranty plans come with a complimentary roadside assistance package. The package includes benefits such as: lockout services, flat tire assistance, fuel delivery, battery assistance, and towing. All services are available 24/7. Rental vehicle charges are also standard on all plans. Coverage is also transferable. You may also choose your authorized repair facility to take your vehicle to for the repairs. 

Bob's Main Street Auto & Towing is able to assist you with the Alpha Warranty. We can answer any questions you may have and get you signed up for this warranty if you are interested. Our shop is also an authorized shop to work with the Alpha Warranty. Call us today and we will be happy to assist you! 



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