Why is my vehicle heater blowing cold?


As it has been bitter cold here in Wisconsin the last thing we want is no heat. There is a few reasons that can cause the vehicles heat to blow cold. Some repairs are a little easier then others. The vehicles coolant level being low can cause the vehicle blow cold air. The coolant in the engine does not just work to keep the engine from overheating. It is also the source of heat supporting the heating system. Another issue could be the thermostat not working correctly. When the thermostat can not signal the engine being warm, the coolant won't be passed over to provide heat to the heater core and the air will blow cold. Heater cores are cooling system that look like little radiators. They are made up of little metal tubing that carries the hot coolant in and out.

It is not the best time to have cold air blowing on us. If you feel your heat is not working to your standards call us today. We will be happy to assist you with getting your heat running in tip top shape. 


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