Why is my car shaking?

When you feel a shaking in your vehicle, it could be due to a few issues. One of the reasons is engine problems. This may be due to spark plugs or a lack of oxygen going to your engine through your air filter. Your vehicles brakes could also cause a shaking issue as well. This could be a result from wear in your brake pads and rotors. Over time your brake rotors may become warped from heavy wear and tear. Brake pads press against the rotor to slow down your vehicle, if the pads are too warn it may cause the vehicle to vibrate. Damage to the vehicles axles can also cause your vehicle to shake. If the axle is bent or dented, which can occur from an accident or other mishap with the road. It could be as easy as your tires are unbalanced or the tires may be wearing unevenly. To fix this issue, it could be as simple as rotating your tires or may require you to purchase all new tires. Give Bob's Main Street Auto & Towing a call. We will be happy to look over your vehicle and get you back on the road in a timely fashion.


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