Why is my car overheating?

As you're driving down the road, do you notice your temperate gage on the vehicle's dash doing up? Do you have to add coolant to the reservoir? This could be a result in a few things. If you are needing to add coolant your hoses may be leaking or even the radiator may be leaking. Call Bob's Main Street Auto to check over your cooling system to repair the fixes it may need. We do recommend to still do a fluid exchange for maintenance on your vehicle if you are not experiencing any issues. The coolant fluid exchange cleans debris from the cooling system, removes rust, scale and sludge from cooling system fins, cleans rust from coolant, and replenishes depleted coolant additives. Doing a coolant fluid exchange will benefit your vehicle by increasing the coolant life and the vehicle's performance. Call Bob's Main Street Auto & Towing today to speak to a professional service advisor!


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