Why is my car not starting?


What is my car not starting? 

When a vehicle does not start, it can be due to a few reasons. It can be due to a dead battery, lose or corroded battery cables, a bad alternator or even issues with the actual starter on the vehicle. 

If the vehicle is not starting due to a bad battery it will very slowly try to turn the vehicle over. If the battery is drained down to low, you may notice that there's no sounds or interior lights that illuminate. You can try jump starting the vehicle. If jump starting the vehicle is successful there is a good chance that you have a battery issue.

Signs of a bad alternator can be things such as dimming lights and possible stereo issues. If the vehicle starts but stalls out, your battery may not be getting charged due to the faulty alternator. If the battery light pops on the dash, that can also inform you of a faulty alternator. The light illuminates when it has issues with the vehicle's charging system. 

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