Why does my car smell like gas?

Are you driving around in your vehicle and noticing a distinct odor of gas in your car? A leak may be occurring in your fuel system. Gas leaks can happen anywhere in your fuel system. The best way to determine if your vehicle is leaking fuel is to check if there is a puddle under your vehicle. Gas leaks can be very dangerous and you should have it repaired at your earliest convenience.
Issues with your fuel pressure regulator may also cause you to smell gas while driving your car. When the fuel pressure regulator fails, it interferes with the fuel mix ratio. This will cause the car to either run too rich or too thin. The engine will then burn gas excessively. When your car is burning too much gas, it will increase the amount of gas fumes coming out of your exhaust. The possibility of gas fumes making there way into your vehicle's ventilation system is pretty high. Smelling gas while you're driving can cause major issues to us the drivers. If you think your car has a fuel leak, give us a call and we will inspect your fuel system to condemn the issue that may be occurring


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