What are items I should have in my vehicle?


If you are taking a long road trip or commuting to work, it's always good to plan for anything to occur. It is important to keep items in your vehicle incase in case something occurs while traveling. Depending on what season it is in Wisconsin, there are different items you made need. The important things that should be in your vehicle at all times are items such as the spare tire, jack, and tools to take off the lug which is normally provided by your vehicle manufacturer. 

Items to keep in your vehicle for breakdowns: 

• Jumper Cables
• Flashlight
• Multi-tool Device
• Plastic Zip Ties
• Wet Wipes/ Rags
• Water and food 

Items to keep in your vehicle for weather: 

• Bug Spray
 • Sunblock 
• Hat
• Umbrella
• Ice Scraper/snow brush
• Blanket
• Hat & Gloves
• Washer Fluid

Items to keep in your vehicle in case of an emergency: 

• First-aid kit
• Escape tool
• Phone Charger
• Tire Pressure Gauge

Safety is always good to have while traveling! You may be in unfamiliar areas and do not have easy access to any of these items. If you have any questions or want us to inspect your vehicle before you would take a trip call us! We service all makes and models. 



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