Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

As we transition into the winter season, we start to change our way of life to adjust to the cold. Your vehicle needs a few things to keep it in optimal working order. Maintenance and auto repairs are often done all throughout the year however our vehicle's need a little bit more attention in the winter months. Driving can be dangerous in the winter due to hazards. It's essential to plan for situations that can occur while winter conditions develop. 

Steps to take preparing your vehicle for winter:

 Test Your Vehicle's BatteryWinter weather puts more stress on your battery, especially if the vehicle is kept outdoors in the cold elements. The battery serves a few major purposes for one's vehicle. The battery stores electricity to start the vehicle, keeps the vehicle running, and powers all the electrical components. 

• TiresYour vehicle's tires are the only thing that has contact with the road from your vehicle. Better control and traction when maneuvering in the snow and icy condition is important. Here in Wisconsin, we recommend an all season tire which will suit your vehicles needs for traction with the road no matter what season it is and what type of weather we are experiencing. Also make sure to check the tire pressure in each tire as the tire pressure will drop when the weather gets colder. 

Brake InspectionDuring the winter months the road conditions become hazardous. Your brakes need to be in optimal working conditions at all times. Call us today to have your braking system inspected for sufficient fluid and have the brake pads and rotors inspected for wear and tear. 

 Air Conditioning / Heat System- Believe it or not, you do use some of the A/C system during the winter months. The climate control system is crucial for your comfort and safety throughout winter. It helps keep you warm and keeps the windows free from fogging up. 

WipersWiper blades are used to continuously push snow and ice from your windshield. Wiper blades are relatively inexpensive and should be changed out before the heart of winter. They grant you crucial visibility. 

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You should ways keep an emergency kit in your car, especially during the winter months in case you are stranded and need to wait for assistance. Schedule an appointment today for our mechanics to inspect your vehicle and get you prepared for the upcoming winter months. 


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