New Contactless Payments!



What is Facepay? 

Facepay is an option to pay your bill directly with your bank account; you could compare this to an ACH (Automated Clearing House) transaction. Facepay is a great effort to keep payments secure and contactless. There are never any transaction fee's for the customer or the shop. 

Customer Sign up Process - How do I sign up

1. Click the link; from the text or scan the QR CODE that is above with your phone camera

2. Click "Sign Up" as a New Customer

3. Create an account- Email and PW - You may be asked to verify your phone number

4. After entering your account details, select "Instant Verification" and select your bank 

5. Login to your account using the same login as you would for your bank app

6. Select the account you would like to use for payments

7. Create a 6-digit passcode, then re-enter the 6-digit passcode

8. Accept Terms and Conditions 

If your bank account is not registered. Simply "X" out and you will be prompted to register with your account number and routing number and sent sign up instructions via text. 

Your banking details are secure. We use the banks security to make sure your information never gets shared to shops or Facepay. 

Frequently asked questions

1. Why would I sign up for this? - Contactless is the new normal. Pay for your repairs without being in the shop and save your local businesses large merchant fees from credit card companies. 

2. Is it secure? - The Facepay application is built using smart contacts secured on a private blockchain. Making payments reliable and safe. We will not see any of your banking account information. 

3. Safety- Your safety as a customer is our main concern. We are making our services as safe and easy as possible. It will also eliminate the collection of your banking information over the phone. Facepay is strictly bank to bank, it eliminates a huge part of the fear factor of credit card fraud. 

4. What does it cost? -  It cost you the consumer nothing to set up an account and helps our shop save money. 



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