As the cold weather approaches fast for us in Wisconsin everyone is hoping their car will start! Winter weather put more stress on your battery, especially if the vehicle is kept outdoors in the cold elements.

Avoid that feeling of hearing nothing when you turn the key in your ignition by bringing your vehicle into our shop for us to check the battery and charging system now. The battery serves a few major purposes for one’s vehicle. The battery stores electricity to start the vehicle, keeps your vehicle running, and powers all of the electrical components.

For example, the battery produces power and communicates with the starter, which then interacts with the engine. When the starter communicates the power from the battery to the engine it allows the vehicle to “crank” or “turn over.” After the vehicle is started, which takes a lot of power, the alternator takes over.  The alternator is what keeps your engine running and the also what maintains the charge in the battery. Without a battery in your vehicle, you won’t go far.

Batteries may need to be replaced every 3-5 years and don’t really have a warning when they are going to be failing. Over a course of time, and weather conditions, corrosion may happen on your battery terminals. Therefore, every now and then they should be cleaned off and maintained to withhold its amperage level and a good electrical ground. Here at Bob's Main Street Auto & Towing, Inc. we sell AAA Batteries for all of our customers on and off the road. These batteries come with a total of five years of warranty with the first two years at free replacement and the three to follow are prorated.

Please feel free to call our service advisors who will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have. Bob’s Main Street Auto & Towing, Inc. has two convenient locations here in West Bend, WI and both work on all makes and models. Please call us today and we will be happy to assist you with all your vehicle’s needs!