Do I need my wheel lock?


What is a wheel lock you may be asking? A wheel lock is a locking lug nut that contains theft-deterring sockets. To remove the locking lug nut, you must have the wheel lock and each set of wheels has its own key. This is a safety feature that prevents the tire, rim, and wheel from being removed from the vehicle. These locks are meant to deter criminals from stealing the wheels off your vehicle.

If you are not sure where your wheel lock may be a dealership or manufacturer can replace it if you have the code for your wheel lock. You also can sometimes order a replacement online if you have the make and model of your wheel locks. Our auto repair shop can also remove the wheel locks from the vehicle. We use a special socket that digs into the metal grip on the outside of the wheel lock. This will cause damage to the wheel lock and will not be able to be reused. 

If there is a wheel lock installed on your vehicle, please be sure to have it easily accessible at the time of your service. If you are looking to keep the locking lug nuts and do not have the key, we will not be able to complete repairs where the tires have to come off the vehicle. 

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