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WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO ROTATE AND BALANCE YOUR CAR'S TIRES? Rotating and balancing your tires are two services that can increase the safety and efficiency of your tires. In fact, the most efficient method of increasing the life of your tires is by rotating and balancing them! Tires, as you know if you've ever had to replace them, can be a huge cost when it comes time to get new ones! Ever curious what we do when we rotate and balance them and why? Well now's the time to learn! What's a tire rotation? When your tires are rotated the wheels are removed from their current position and moved from a diagonal position from where they are. Therefore, the tires on the vehicle are criss-crossed. For example, your front driver's side tire is moved to the rear passenger side of the vehicle and the tire from your rear passenger side of the vehicle is brought to the front driver's side. This is done with the other side as well. By rotating your tires, you are ensuring that the tread on the tires ar ... read more