Why is my heat not working?

During this time of year we need heat, right? When our heat is not working correctly, it can be stressful in the cold. There are a few reasons why your heat is not working.

These are a few common reasons why your heat may not be working:

 Low Coolant Level: Check the coolant reservoir and radiator to ensure they are filled to the recommended levels. 


Thermostat Issue: If the thermostat is either stuck open or closed, it can cause the engine from reaching the proper operating temperature, affecting the heating system. 

Airlock in the Cooling System: Air bubbles trapped in the cooling system can restrict the flow of coolant and affect the heating system. Bleeding the cooling system may be necessary to remove air pockets. 

Faulty Heater Core: The heater core is responsible for providing heat to the interior of the car. If this is clogged or leaking, you may experience heating problems. Signs of a faulty heater core can be a sweet smell inside the vehicle or foggy windows. 

Faulty Blower Motor: The blower motor is responsible for pushing out hot air into the cabin. If it’s not working properly, you may not feel any warm air. 

Blend Door Issues: The blend door controls the mix of hot and cold air in the heating system. If it’s stuck or malfunctioning, you can experience issues with temperature control. 

If you feel like your heat is not meeting your standards, give us a call and we will be happy to assist you with getting your heating system working properly. We work on all makes and models; domestic and foreign. Give us a call for all your vehicle's needs, we are your one stop shop! 


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