Why is my car bouncing up and down?

Suspension Issues: Problems with your car’s suspension system can lead to bouncing. This could be due to worn-out shock absorbers, struts, or other suspension components. If these are not functioning properly, they can’t effectively absorb the bumps and shocks from the road. 


Tire issues: Uneven tire wear, low tire pressure, or imbalanced tires can cause your vehicle to bounce. Ensure that your tires are properly inflated and have even tread wear. If the tires are out of balance, it can also contribute to bouncing. 


Alignment Issues: Improper wheel alignment can result in uneven tire wear and cause your vehicle to bounce. If the wheels are not aligned properly, it can affect how the tires interact with the road surface.


Damaged Springs: The springs in your vehicle’s suspension system help absorb shocks. If these springs are damaged or worn out, it can lead to bouncing. 


Worn Bushings or Bearings: Bushings and bearings in the suspension system can wear out over time, causing instability and bouncing. 


Issues with Struts: Struts are a very important part of the suspension system. If they are damaged or worn, they may not provide the necessary support and damping, leading to bouncing. 


If you’re experiencing bouncing, it’s essential to have your vehicle inspected by our service team! We can identify the specific issue and recommend the necessary repairs or replacements. Ignoring suspension problems can lead to further damage and compromise your vehicle’s safety and performance. Call us today to schedule an appointment!