What are run flat tires?

Run flat tires are tires that you can continue driving on after a puncture to get to an auto repair shop or a level area to change the tire. However, you may not drive on them for a long period of time. The manufacturer of the tires will have specifications on how fast and long to drive on the tire. There are two types of run flats, self-supporting and support ring system. The self-supporting system tire has a reinforced sidewall that will continue to support the vehicle when air is lost. The support ring run flats employ a ring of hard rubber that can support the vehicle's weight when air is lost. With running run flats, it may be hard to tell when you are driving on an under inflated tire. However, most vehicles do have a tire pressure monitoring system that would inform you when the tires air pressure is lower than the manufactures specifications. Call us today for a quote on tires. Our auto repair shops can get most makes and models of tires.