Brakes for Breast returns for another year!

Brakes for Breasts is right around the corner! Starting October 3rd, we partner up with the Cleveland Clinic and Dr. Tuohy to help raise money for studies to prevent breast cancer. During the month of October purchase brake rotors and receive free brake pads. But wait; there's more! We will donate 10% of the brake labor on your behalf!

Brakes for Breasts is an organization that works with Independent Auto Repair shops throughout the nation during the month of October. During the month of October, participating Repair Shops provide customers with free brake pads and the customer simply pays for labor and any other parts that may be needed. 10% of the brake service is then donated from participating shops to the Breast Cancer Vaccine Fund. 183 independent Auto Repair shops across 35 states and 2 countries in 2020 raised $250,102.79! Brakes for Breasts has raised a total of $1,192,034.62 since 2011!

Dr. Vincent Tuohy, and his team, at the Cleveland Clinic have successfully tested a Breast Cancer Prevention Vaccine in his lab and are working to take it to human trials. Please help us support Dr. Tuohy's research and help create a world where your daughters and granddaughters will never have to worry about the tragedy of facing breast cancer. Right now his vaccine is specific to triple negative breast cancer, the most lethal form of breast cancer with no real treatment. Dr. Tuohy has received the funding that takes care of the FDA, trials, ect., and our donations go strictly to research. The research is to continue the vaccine efforts with the other three forms of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer and possibly a host of other diseases. This is groundbreaking – don't miss out on the chance to make a difference!