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If your car's air conditioning is on the fritz, it can be hard to decide which shop to take it into. A simple Google search will show you more auto repair shops than you can shake a stick at. How do you really know who you can trust? A good air conditioning repair can be hard to find, that's because most air conditioning repair is hard to diagnose. Unlike other parts of your vehicle there are no “check air conditioning” light or some computer module that can tell you exactly how it is performing. So that leaves two options, the guess and check method or using sophisticated and expensive machines, such as an automated recovery and refill unit with a leak detection system. The good news is Bob's Main Street Auto uses such machines. The alternative is what many other shops do, and that is to make the best guess as to where the problem might be, fix or replace the component and see if they got it right. If they guessed right the first time, your bill might be low. If it took a ... read more


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