Auto Repair in West Bend, WI

If you are looking for an Auto Shop that will give you the customer service you can't find at a dealership? Then look no further than Bob's Main Street Auto and Towing. We are a full-service Auto Repair Shop that will quickly diagnose and repair your vehicle getting you back on the road in a vehicle that is both safe and reliable before you know it.

We understand that most drivers in West Bend, WI don't know what is wrong with their vehicle whenever an odd noise or smell creeps up on them and that is OK! You don't need to know what is wrong with car, truck or SUV, that's why we are here.

While we can't diagnose your vehicle over the phone we can hook up a scanner as soon as it is in our shop. This will show us the trouble codes that give us a better idea of what the issue might be with your vehicle. That being said there is no maintenance or repair service that we can't perform. From bumper to brakes we can perform a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle to make sure that it runs great for as long as you choose to own it!

Check Engine Light West Bend, WI

Your car, truck or SUV has a way of telling you that something is “wrong” it is called a malfunction indicator light, more commonly known as Check Engine Light. Dreaded by drivers everywhere there might not be as much need for concern as one might think. Your vehicle has a computer onboard that regulates the many functions that take place as soon as your turn your key to start the ignition process.

Whenever there is something out of sync or an operation that is not performing as it should, this will trigger your check engine light. There is no need to panic but it is always best to bring your vehicle into one of our garages sooner rather than later to make sure that a small issue does not become a bigger one later down the road.

Anytime you have questions about how to maintain or repair your vehicle, give us a call, drive on by or schedule an appointment online for a day and time that works best for you.