The best place in town for any auto needs. Bob's has always been there anytime I needed work done on my vehicles. I don't know that much about cars and so I value an honest company. Bob's is that and more! The staff are exceptional and the technicians are very helpful in understanding any services that my vehicles need. They have never pushed any maintenance that is not needed and informed me of things that should probably be taken care of right away. The other service that Bob's has given me is the NAPA credit card. It has been a life saver financially, giving you 6 mths to pay off your bill without interest if the repair is costly. With this service you get special points that will enable you to receive discouts on future repairs. WHAT A DEAL!!! I'd recommend Bob's Main Street to anyone.


Love the staff at Bob's! Always friendly and super helpful. I can trust their recommendations.


Bob's Main Street is always professional, quick and easy. They provide a FREE Rewards Program to acquire FREE Gift Certificates towards maintenance. I've had multiple services done by the company and they have always done the best they can for me on price and quality of service.


Check engine light was on in my vehicle, so based on some of the reviews I took it to Bob's because I thought they were a reputable place to go. WOW, was i wrong!! After they gave me a laundry list of things that were supposedly wrong with my vehicle they also informed me that the O2 sensor was bad. O2 sensor is fine, it's a wiring issue, which I diagnosed with a mechanic friend of mine. I really appreciate paying Bob's $120 to "diagnose" a problem and not get it right!


When my family needed help with renting a car, the staff provided one asap!